Full self-guided hypnotherapy to release your anger issues

170,00 $

A full hypnotherapy session that takes you straight back to the true reason of your anger and rage. In this one-hour self-guided Rapid Transformational Session, you will massively shift your energy away from anger toward serenity and tranquility for a happier and balanced life. You will be able to respond in a mature and collected way. Instead of fight mode, you’ll be able to stay calmly in the present moment with your family.

Repeat this session whenever you experience a new event that triggers anger and rage.

Settle your newly discovered tranquility with the beautiful and calming 20-minute hypnosis recording, including alpha binaural beats to wire in loving and calming beliefs over 21-30 days.

Only listen to the course when you are sitting or lying down. Do not listen to it while driving or moving around.