Kick-ass motivation boost

37,00 $

Uff we all know how tough it is sometimes to get up before the kids are up just to get those 10 mins for ourselves. Or when we are already tired to still do that workout even though we know we do feel better afterward.

We cook healthy and balanced meals for our family every day, and prepare snacks with high nutritional value that are also tasty for our kids.. but what do we do for ourselves? We eat unhealthy food on the go.

This hypnosis audio recording with binaural beats is for you if you want to get that extra self-care in. I put all my heart & experience, my love, and my compassion into this recording that I need when I need that extra motivation boost. As a mom of 2, I know what I’m talking about. Time is limited and we like to use this as an excuse to go the extra mile.

Whenever you realize that you lack the motivation to work toward a life you want to have, listen to this recording for 3 weeks straight, at least once per day and notice a tremendous shift in your ability to get sh*** done.