Let's make your dream a reality!

A successful business life and a happy family life - you can have it both momma!

You are a mom of young children and you have your own business or you dream of starting your own soul-aligned business? 

Then you are at the right place here. 

I was where you are now and I am going to show you how you can build  and grow your own successful business while enjoying your family life. 

Say goodbye to the stress, the fear, the pressure, and the self-doubts and step into your freedom, your independence, your confidence and vision of a fulfilled professional life. 

This is a mentorship programme that includes deep subconscious programming for sustainable success in your soul-aligned business.

Having a mentor is sure way to get successful results as a mom and a mompreneur

You are meant for more!

Get out of the hamster wheel following other people's dreams and step into you power!

I know exactly how you feel because I have been there too. I know it’s daunting. And that’s ok. 

You don’t have to do this alone. In fact, many mompreneurs think they have to do it alone. You don’t have to proof anyone anything, and surely not you. By being here and showing up, you are committing yourself to your success. And that’s what you need in the beginning! Everything else will fall into place. I promise. 

My mission in life is helping moms to live the life they are meant to. So much in our life is driven by other people’s needs, mostly the needs of small people. Setting up and working on your own business is an act of self-love which you can learn and practice. Especially if you have never done something for you only. 

I help you see who you truly are. 

I help you see your own path. 

I help you to find your niche. 

I help you feeling well with your business. 

I help you to make the boring administrative stuff an enjoyable part of your business. 

I help you to position yourself as an expert

I help you to make your brand look beautiful. 

I help you to balance your feminine & masculine energy. 

I help you to open up to receive an abundance of money. 

I help you feel confident with your business, no matter what other people think.

I help you to be seen.

8 weeks packed with love & strategy for your business

Set your business strategy

This part is where most of my clients get stuck in. And to be honest, I was trapped in this phase too. 

Even if it’s daunting, you gotta do it. And will say this and support you in this phase until you have your strategy straight. 

What we cover

  • Define your niche (so so important)
  • Designing your online content incl. your brand new group program, your masterclasses, 
  • Designing your offline content to keep your revenue streams up even if you are on holiday with your family
  • Your marketing strategy

Yes! A proper structure will support your business strategy

Everything you do requires a plan and structure. I know that’s true because you are a mom. Your kids’ need to eat, go to daycare and school, do their homework, play, sleep. Everything revolves around a structure. 

That’s what you need for your business too in order to step out of the hobby and into your steady income of 5k per months. 

What we cover

  • Set up a newsletter and grow your email list
  • Automate your business for less admin work (calendar, automated client emails, standard admin process, fully utilize your calendar booking system)
  • Plan your social media content

Make your business enjoyable!!

Your business gets to be fun and enjoyable! That’s why you set it up in the first place, isn’t it? If enjoyment, fun, and abundance are your values, you are the right fit for this program. 

What we cover

  • FEARS (success fear, money fear, fear of being different, visibility fear, fear of failure, fear of the 9-5 job, these are the most common ones I see from my clients). What is your biggest fear? Bring it and we’ll make it your friend.
  • DREAMS – guess what? You need this dream, and we’ll base your business on that dream. That is the best catalyst for success. What is your dream?
  • FUN! You are the CEO, the manager, the bookkeeper, and the social media person. When you are at the beginning of your business you wear all the hats. It better be fun, otherwise, you burn out. And plus, your clients want to enjoy working with you, they want to be inspired by you, they want to feel safe with you, and they want to feel seen and supported. And it all starts with you! 
You will take care of yourself so that you can take care of your business. This is a fundamental part of my course.

Your Human Design as map for your success

Knowing my Human Design has helped me so much in my life, especially in my business and parenting my kids. 

You have a unique path for you and we’ll uncover that through your Human. Design Chart. I am a 1/3 Projector with the strategy of Waiting for the Invitation. Knowing this has helped me tremendously in allocating my energy in my business. As a projector, I am here to make you see. And this is exactly what I do with this program. Adding Human Design to it is just a last piece in the puzzle.

We’ll have one initial session on your HD and then weave it in to your business strategy & structure. 

What we cover

  • Your unique Human Design Profile 
  • Your strategy and how to use that for your business
  • Aligning your business strategy & structure to your energy type

You don't have to do this alone

Walk with me for 8 weeks and you'll see the results that you are dreaming of!

For USD 2.222 you’ll get weekly calls, 24/7 support until 2 weeks after the course ends. Payment plan is available. 

I’ll teach you everything that I have learned! 

Can’t wait share it with you. 

I believe in you until you believe in yourself!