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The Masterclass that every parent needs

Screen time


Are you struggling with limiting screen time at home? What are the red flags and how much screen time is too much? Learn how to deal with screen time based on bonding, boundaries & skills.


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This masterclass will help you to...

  • Understand the biggest risks of excessive screen time
  • Understand why our kids are so hooked to screens
  • Learn about gentle and positive parenting solutions to spark the interest of your child in other things of life again
  • Learn about the steps you can take to make positive changes in your home

Smart parenting in the digital age

Every parent needs to know this

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This masterclass is for you if..

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You parent toddlers or young school-kids

Is your child just starting to be interested in screens and you'd like to know how to handle this early on?

I admit Netflix and YouTube are excellent babysitters. We manage to cook, do the laundry and work with our kids being safely "watched".

The thing is though, it's not safe.

Your child's brain is still developing at a rapid speed. This is the time when they benefit positively from you as a conscious and tech-intentional parent.

Learn why this is so important and how you can actually work collaboratively with your young child already to minimize screen time in your home. Setting gentle and firm boundaries is key here! You will get step-by-step guidance on what these boundaries ideally look like and how you can enforce them.

You parent a tween

Your child spends already a lot of time on screens in school. Homework is online and they study together with their friends via FaceTime.

Since the pandemic hit, homeschooling and screen time have become the norm in your house, but you don't feel it's right.

You don't have a good comparison, because everyone around you seems to consume screen time ad libitum. Who actually has good strategies in place that won't break the relationship you have with your child?

You'll get the answers to exactly these questions in my Masterclass. There will be a Q&A afterward!

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You parent a teenager

Your teenager spends all their time in their room, doesn't come out for dinner, and if they do, they are glued to the phone.

Grades suffer, they don't want to go to school or even skip school regularly, and they find it difficult to engage in anything else than video games or their phones.

They throw major fits when you attempt to limit screen time. Everything you suggest as an alternative to screen time is being rejected.

In this Masterclass, I'll explain to you the red flags that you need to be aware of. This is not easy to see, because part of being a teenager is to cut the cord with you, distance themselves from you, and think that you are annoying and embarrassing. There is a line though, and you'll learn about that by just spending one hour with me!

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hello I am Stefanie!

I am passionate about helping you to achieve more harmony and connection with your kids

As a mom of 2 boys, I quickly realized that I need a strategy on how I handle screen time in our home. As a parent coach and therapist, I consider myself tech-intentional, which means I am very conscious about the influence screens have on my kids, and our lives and how I as a mom can use the digital trend to support my kids instead of seeing them deteriorating under my watch.

I want to empower you! You can do this!

Save your spot for only $33!

Enjoy mealtimes without the phone battle, see your kids thrive in social connections, and have hope, trust, and confidence for their future. It doesn't have to be a constant fight.

You need to step into your power as a parent, and the first step is to learn about the reasons, the implications, and the strategies at hand.

I did the research and got it all laid out for you. All you have to do is show up for the future of your child(ren).

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