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Hi! I'm Stefanie!

As a mom myself I know the ins and outs of your daily struggles.

My goal is to support you throughout your parenting journey with a unique and tailored approach to your needs using hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing and parent coaching. 

If you are struggling with worry, fears, anxiety or you simply feel stuck and overwhelmed and don’t know how to achieve more harmony in your life and your family, I have the right tools for you!

You are in the right place here if you 

  • experience secondary infertility and are looking for additional support to finally become pregnant
  • want to release worry, fears, and anxiety around pregnancy and birth 
  • are pregnant and would like to prepare your mind and body for a positive birth experience
  • are a new mom and are looking for relief from postpartum depression 
  • are a new parent who is looking for support and guidance to settle in to your new role as a parent and couple
  • struggle with anxieties, depression, excessive worry, unresolved childhood trauma, confidence issues, or anything really that prevents you from living a happy and fulfilled life
  • have a child between the age of 2-18 and want to parent gently and empowered, with a deep connection and understanding for your child 
  • are a cycle-breaker who is looking for revolutionary and empowering ways to parent
  • are looking for support for your child who doesn’t want to live any longer with anxieties, exam stress, low self-esteem, sadness or friendship issues

Work with me

Preparing for pregnancy and birth

Congratulations! Becoming a parent is the most exciting journey of your life!

In just a few weeks you will meet your baby for the very first time, this is so exciting! 

My holistic and extensive hypnobirthing course will help you to increase your confidence and release fears around pregnancy and birth, for a positive birth experience.

As of about 20 weeks, it is a good time to start preparing for birth. 

Negative birth stories that we hear from friends and family can contribute to fears and worries around pregnancy and birth which will have an impact on how you experience birth.

With breathing exercises, visualization, positive affirmations from your partner, and labor comfort measures, you will prepare yourself for a mindful and positive birth experience. Practice is paramount to facilitate a deep relaxation response on demand.

Let's unleash your inner superhero parent!

As a mother of 2 boys myself, I know first hand, how difficult this parenting journey can be. Reaching out for support and guidance is a brave step, that will be rewarded with happier children and a more balanced and calmer life for you. 

This parent centric coaching program is for you if you

  • want to let go of the authoritarian parenting style that you grew up with and instead, learn how to become a gentle and empathetic parent
  • want to establish and maintain a deep and authentic relationship with your child at every stage of their lives
  • are ready to let go of unsupportive belief patterns left over from your own childhood and replace them with new supportive and empowering beliefs
  • are looking for a deep and sustainable transformational experience as a parent
Parenthood should not feel like a burden or something that passes you by.

This season with your children is a time to be treasured, and it can only be treasured when you can be fully present. 

Let’s work together to truly transform your family life rich in connection and love.

Choose between the 4-week 1:1 program to find the solution for one particular issue 


Or my powerful the 12-week group program with everything you will ever need as a parent

Live a life full of abundance!

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it”-Lena Horne

This Rapid Transformational Therapy Program is for you if you 

  • experience secondary or unexplained infertility and if you are looking for additional support conceiving naturally or on your IVF-journey
  • have been struggling with mental health 
  • feel there is is something holding you back from living your best life 
  • tried therapy before but it didn’t really do the trick
  • are looking for a therapy that improves your life without talking about your pain points over and over again

Through RTT you can achieve the deep and transformative shifts you so desperately seek.  By regressing back to past experiences, you will gain clarity on the root cause of your problems. We will work together to set these deeply embedded issues free, finally unburdening you. The beautiful thing about RTT: will not require you to retell your story over and over again, which is a great relief to many clients.

Focusing on what we desire in our lives, we begin to cultivate the life we want.

Activating your child's inner cheerleader

"Childhood is the best of all the seasons of life, and the longer it lasts with happy memories, the stronger the emotional stability in adulthood."

Children growing up in today’s world face a lot of challenges when it comes to relationship and friendship changes, hormonal fluctuations, pressure in terms of school work, and at times, having to cope with parental conflict. 

We often recognize stress in ourselves but children and young people often demonstrate it in different ways, including physical symptoms which seemingly have no cause, behavioral difficulties, and self-harming behavior.

As an RTT practitioner, using hypnosis, I know there is great scope within the work with children.

Hypnotherapy is a great way of helping children to deal with life in an age-appropriate, sensitive manner with sustainable outcomes for their future.

Their imagination is still very dominant and therefore a great gateway into their subconscious mind. 

In fact, up until the age of about 10, children have little distinction between reality and fantasy and can often create wonderful and fantastical scenarios. 

Think about a 6 year old who accepts that a kiss will make their poorly knee better or a small child who believes without question in the existence of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, despite a complete absence of any evidence. 

In my work with children, I consider three steps: 

  • Find out what the problem is – This isn’t always as obvious as it looks: an issue with weight may mask another issue, such as anxiety or low self-esteem. Perhaps the child is comfort eating to cope with other emotional problems.  It’s important to be clear about what we are actually treating to recognise the causes and the symptoms.
  • Establish new patterns of behaviour.
  • Ensure that those new behaviour patterns are repeated so that they become automatic.

RTT is an excellent way to help children who are experiencing difficulties.

"What a blessing it was for Mona to work with you, not only for now, but also for her future" Mom of a girl with excessive fears

I combine the best of Rapid Tranformational Therapy and Coaching

Pioneer Marisa Peer developed the groundbreaking method of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).
RTT is a modality that works with your brain to permanently create the change you desire to live a more fulfilled life.

This therapy is both powerful and innovative, as well as one of its kind. It uses hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, psychology, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help you achieve your therapy goals. With the help of hypnotherapy, we will work together to bring out the best in you, for good!

RTT will lead you to establish healthier and more beneficial beliefs and more positive patterns of thinking. Every habit you have is caused by a habit of thinking. By modifying your thoughts, you will take the first step in changing your behavior and actions. 

So, you may be wondering “How does RTT change the brain?” It is hard to believe, but your neural networks actively change as we engage in RTT. Your brain grows and reorganizes to allow for healthier beliefs, thoughts and actions. With the use of RTT, your brain becomes a great ally as you move toward the lasting change you desire.

I use this groundbreaking and extremely effective method of RTT to facilitate the deep and lasting change you are looking for as a parent and in other areas of your life.

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