Hi! I am Stefanie!

I’m a mom of two viking boys that I raise in Scandinavia with my husband. We are a truly multicultural family, with roots in Austria and Portugal, raising third-culture kids. 

Considering myself a cycle-breaker, I embody the lifestyle of a working mom, raising empowered and confident children with a deep sense of connection and affection. 

But my life was not always like this. Disconnected from my authentic self, I discovered who I truly was with the birth of my son. 

As Rumi states, the light enters where the cracks are. 

This was the chance for my light to shine. 

And now I am helping other parents to achieve the same. 

I believe in a world where parents can be fulfilled, and happy, pursuing their goals, and raising children with intention and values. 

After working with hundreds of parents and having been through a deep transformation myself, I can relate to the struggles you are experiencing every day. 

Let’s bring back the joy and lightness into your life!

Licenses & Certificates

Professional development

"The correct analogy for the mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting" - Plutarch

I started off my professional career as a registered nurse more than 20 years ago and loved it very much. I was known as the nurse who knew their patients beyond their charts, was known to be efficient, organized, and always on top of the latest research about conditions and treatments. I was also known to be very emotional and invested, connecting with my patients on a deep level, beyond my job description.


Soon I realized that I expect more from my work. More independence, more autonomy, more knowledge, more opportunities. So I went back to University and completed a 5-year study in Health Care Management & Business. This time of my life brought me to Prague, Brussels, Vienna, and Munich. 


After years of traveling for different jobs in the Public Health field, I landed a highly prestigious job at the World Health Organization (you see I don’t play small) in Copenhagen, Denmark. I spent 5 years supporting nurses and midwives across the European Region in 53 countries to advance their professions. What a task. I made wonderful connections there, friends that I still cherish, and brought priceless experiences with me. 


After my maternity leave, I decided it was time to do something else and I moved to a job as a hospital planner. As a nurse, who knows hospitals better than me, right? This came super easy to me. My presentation skills, my excellent project management skills, and my hard-working ethics were perfect for this job. Except.. it was not my priority anymore. As a mom, I realized that I wanted to enjoy my time at work differently. And I needed more flexibility as long as my kids were small. 


So I took this huge step and qualified as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. This was the beginning of discovering my passion. The power of RTT can help so many parents to find more freedom and peace at home, and resolve their stuff from their childhood in a rather short time, compared to other therapy modalities. How exciting!! 


Additionally to RTT I am certified in Brainworking Recursive Therapy, an incredibly effective method to decrease your triggers. Absolutely amazing!! 



Now, as an RTT & BWRT practitioner, a certified parent coach, and a certified hypnobirthing teacher, I can fully serve my clients with 20+ years of experience in health, working with people to improve their wellbeing. This is what the journey of a life-long learner looks like, and I am far from done yet!


Join the ride and find out what I can do for you!