Rapid Transformational Therapy to expand your life experience

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it”-Lena Horne

My clients are amazed about the deep healing and lasting transformation a Rapid Transformational Therapy Session brings them in only 8 weeks.

This is the most demanded package for my clients with unexplained infertility.

All of my clients are so thankful for RTT, they could let go of the anxietyself-doubts, and anger, of negative self-talk, and embrace a more confident life. They all got the life they wanted but never knew how or what was holding them back.

I’ll guide you back to memories of your past that have all to do with the issue you are facing today. The beautiful thing about it is that your subconscious mind holds all the answers, you hold all the answers. 

Let’s uncover your true nature, and shift your energy towards the life you want to have. 

Focusing on what we desire in our lives, we begin to cultivate the life we want.

I work mostly online via zoom with clients from all over the world. If you are in Denmark you can come to my office at the Family Zoo in Copenhagen. 

Imagine a new way

RTT is an amazing modality, helping millions worldwide

What you will get in this program

Everything you need to design the life you’ll love to live

Phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions

Tapping into your subconscious mind, the part of your brain that runs all of your decisions gives you this incredibly effective and powerful transformation that you can’t achieve with other therapy modalities in the same short time.

Like hundreds of my clients, experience lasting change with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).  This incredibly effective method combines the most effective principles of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and psychotherapy to bring unparalleled results.

Developed and refined by the amazing Marisa Peer, RTT has been a game-changer for my own mental health and wellbeing, and for all the clients I work with. 

During an RTT session, we’ll weed the garden first of the unsupportive beliefs that you don’t need anymore. Then we seed new supportive beliefs, those that enable you to feel good enough, receive the love you deserve and make you confident to show others the amazing person you are. 

It's called Neuroplasticity!

In RTT, we only talk about the problem in your life only once – during the RTT session itself. That is a big relief for many of my clients. 

The focus of the program is positivity. And not the toxic type of positivity – we welcome all the emotions – but positivity that brightens up your inner world. 

You’ll receive 2 tailored hypnosis audio recordings packed with positive affirmations and your new belief system to rewire your brain – that’s what we call neuroplasticity. 

Results from extensive neuroscience say, that the old saying “an old dog doesn’t change”  doesn’t apply. It’s simply not true. 

You can change, you can literally change the structure of your brain. 

Listen to the 20 min audio hypnosis for 21 days and settle those new supportive beliefs. 

Weekly coaching calls

My gold standard is to provide you with excellent service throughout our time together. 

That includes weekly 1:1 therapy calls for a smooth transition into your new life. 

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Nobody will come to save you, only you can do it

This program will be a great fit for you if you can say yes to the following:

There is nothing wrong with you.
You are just right, the way you are.