You are stronger than any habit, symptom or external circumstance
You are tired, overwhelmed, lost, don’t know what your next steps should be in your life? 
Did you achieve everything you ever wanted, that job, the family, the car and the house, but you are still empty inside?
Or you are longing for that family, wishing to have a baby and you are looking for additional support to achieve your dreams? To trust more in yourself, and living a life without fear of judgement?
As a highly skilled and highly sensitive and empathetic therapist and coach, there is one thing I can promise you: I will give my everything to facilitate the change you are looking for. 
With my exceptional and unique approach to combining therapy and coaching, I am able to fully deep dive with you to look for those blocks that are in the way of realizing your dreams. 
You’ll be able to rewrite your past and shape your future. No longer will you just be a bystander in your own life. 
This is how I like to explain my way of working: 
RTT is like the most amazing sports car in the world and I am a very skilled race car driver. I can take you to amazing places in this car, but we will go nowhere without the fuel or the clear directions for where you want to go.
Those are what you bring.
The fuel is your full commitment to your healing and transformation. It is when you say “I am ready to do whatever it takes now”.
The directions you give me are where you want to end up as a result of the journey. My only job is to help you get there. With these elements in place we are an amazing team and together we can transform your life.

Use this momentum and transform your life

Many conditions may be helped with RTT and BWRT
If you don't find your concern on the list, please inquire

Personal Freedom Programme

It’s not what happens to us that is damaging, it’s the meaning we attach to it as a consequence of it.

The freedom programme is perfect for you if you feel that you are not fully in control over your life, your decisions, your thoughts or your emotions. If you feel something is holding you back, but you are not sure what it is and how you can change it, this is the right programme for you. Through RTT you‘ll gain clarity of the root cause of your problem and let go of it without talking about the pain over and over again.

What you focus on you create more of

In this programme you‘ll focus on your ideal and desired life, resetting your mindset towards a positive and supportive way of thinking.

You achieve an overall improvement in your wellbeing when your mental, spiritual and physical needs are met and in balance.

Improve your mental wellbeing by alleviating symptoms of anxiety, looping thoughts, sadness, lack of confidence, addictions, anger, guilt, fears and phobias, sleep problems. Improving aspects in your life such as your relationships or sports performance can also contribute to a better mental wellbeing.

Meeting your spiritual needs is an integral part of improving your overall wellbeing. In this program you can work on wealth wiring, money issues, motivation, procrastination, relationship issues, guilt, sports performance, or improving focus and memory.

Your physical wellbeing can be improved by alleviating symptoms of migraine, skin problems, addictions, pain, weight, premenstrual mood disorder or fertility.


This programme will help you to:

What’s included?