What is RTT

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

Pioneer Marisa Peer developed the groundbreaking method of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). RTT is a modality that works with your brain to permanently create the change you desire to live a more fulfilled life.

This therapy is both powerful and innovative, as well as one of its kind. It uses hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, psychology, healing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help you achieve your therapy goals. With the help of hypnotherapy, we will work together to bring out the best in you, for good!

You will find during our work that RTT will lead you to establish healthier and more beneficial beliefs, as well as patterns of thinking. Every habit you have is caused by a habit of thinking. By modifying your thoughts, you will take the first step in modifying your behavior.

So, you may be wondering “How does RTT change the brain?” It is hard to believe, but your neural networks actively change as we engage in RTT. Your brain grows and reorganizes to allow for healthier beliefs, thoughts and actions. With the use of RTT, your brain becomes a great ally as you move toward the lasting change you desire.

There are many conditions and symptoms that RTT can help with. Some of them are listed below. If you have questions about a symptom that is not listed here, reach out and we’ll discuss it.