Antenatal hypnobirthing course

Are you anxious and fearful about birth? Maybe you are loosing sleep over the worry of what might happen during labour? Are you constantly worried, that something might be wrong with the baby and that birth will be complicated?

Or maybe you had a traumatic birth experience and don’t know how to remain calm once labour starts? You are unsure how to take decisions so that they reflect your values and your wishes in the midst of the opinions of all health professionals around you?

Does you birth partner want an active and supporting role in the most exciting times of your lives but doesn’t know even where to start from? Does your birth partner feel anxious, paralyzed and on the sidelines of birth? 

If one of the above apply to you, then hypnobirthing is an excellent option for you to prepare for birth. 

In my beautiful hypnobirthing course, I provide you with vital information on pregnancy and birth. I will teach you how you can work with your body and mind, giving you the tools to relax. As a result,  the experience of giving birth can be easier, safer and empowering. Women are designed to give birth, and I will help you to gain confidence that you can do this, feeling in control, confident and empowered. 

This course is for expecting mothers and their birth partners  as of 20 weeks of pregnancy. It is good to have time to prepare but the best time to come is when you feel that you are ready: hypnobirthing can still help you even in the late stages of pregnancy.



The full hypnobirthing course starts in the first week of each month.
Can't wait to welcome you in my course!

give your baby the best start to life

What are the benefits of hypnobirthing?

Your mind cannot distinguish between real and imagined threats. When you believe deep down that birth can be safe and beautiful, your body will allow your birth hormones to flow, and open for your baby to be born.

With diligence, we prepare ourselves for major live events: exams, graduation, prom, which University to choose from, which car to buy, when we get married, or buying our first home. 

Imagine you invite 150 guests to your wedding and you don’t even know which music the band will play or which food you will have on your plate. Just to think about this will give you most likely an uncomfortable feeling, if not stress and anxiety. 

Preparing for birth with hypnobirthing is the greatest gift you can give yourself as a new mom and to your child for a beautiful and calm start to this life. 

As a result of the knowledge about how your body works during labour and birth, you will feel more prepared and calm at each stage of the process. 

You will learn breathing techniques that support you during surges and in your resting phases. 

Your birth partner will learn about simple but oh so effective tools to support you and your baby. 


In a battle between logic and emotions, emotions always win

By addressing fears and worries regarding pregnancy and birth during the hypnobirthing course, you will be able to release them and allow space for the excitement and the trust in yourself. 

You will need your birthing hormones to flow in order to birth your baby. Fear can stall the flow of oxytocin, that’s why it is so important for you to be calm and relaxed, feeling safe and in control. I will teach you how you can support your body to produce the right amount of hormones at the right time in the process of giving birth. 

As a result, hypnobirthing births tend to be shorter and less medicated. 

You will learn how to cope with contractions/surges and what your birth partner can do to support you. 


You might not be able to control the entire process of birth, but you can participate in the process of decisions, you can be in control of how you respond and you can feel empowered in unplanned situations.

As a hypnotherapist, I know so well how we can use the power of our mind to get what we want. 

Even though there might be situations that you cannot control and you and your baby need medical interventions to be safe, you will learn how to calm your mind and deeply relax, take informed decisions and have empowered conversations with healthcare professionals. 

You will receive audio hypnosis recordings to prepare your mind for this deeply relaxed state. It’s a skill you can learn and with practice you will get better at relaxing even in situations that previously you would have considered stressful. 


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What you will learn - Content overview

Everything you need to prepare for an empowered and positive birth experience

What happens to your body during birth

I am sure you have an app on your phone to follow the growth of your baby week by week in your pregnancy, don’t you? Let’s bring this curiosity to birth.

Knowledge is power! The more we know the more empowered we are. That’s why my hypnobirthing course contains a good bit of physiology of birth. 

The more you are aware of what is happening in your body with the onset of labour, the more confident you’ll be to take the right decisions for yourself and your baby along the way. 

Learn about the pelvis, the uterus, the placenta, your birth hormones and get the  tools to make birth more comfortable for you. 

Learn how powerful your mind is

That’s the exciting “hypno”-part of my course and my absolute favorite thing to talk about.

The stories we hear about birth shape our beliefs about birth. Fears, worries, excessive anxiety or the feeling of disempowerment often stem from negative birth stories we hear from family, friends or the media. 

Truth is, we as mammals, are designed to give birth and when the mind is relaxed so is the body. 

Our mind is absolutely amazing and your are going to learn how to use it for your advantage with the most effective tools like the dial-down-method, anchoring and affirmations

Deep relaxation

We are all going through these phases during pregnancy, where it just seems impossible to relax. 

That’s totally normal, your body and mind are going through a huge change. You are not only growing a new human being, but you are also transitioning into the role of a parent. 

Unwind from the daily stress, the worry, the fear and the overthinking during these guided hypnosis sessions. You receive the audio files to continue the practice of relaxation at home. Bring them with you for birth where my voice carries you through the process of birth

Design your birth environment

The birth environment is so much more than a hypnobirthing sign at the door and some twinkly lights (though I am big fan of those). And no matter where you are planning to give birth, you an influence and design an environment that suits you and your personal needs. 

It’s about designing your birth bubble with the support you need to stay in it from birth until the 4th trimester. 

As part of this, you are developing your very personal birth plan – you’ll be surprised of how many options you actually have. Learn what your birth partner can do to support you – that could be your life partner, your best friend or your mom. 

The transition into motherhood takes time, so be gentle with yourself and stay in this bubble for the 4th trimester. Learn what you can do to nurture that bond between you and are your baby and how to look after your mental wellbeing during that time. 

But that is not all

Bonus section

Get these super useful bonuses!

It is my mission to support you along the way, and to faciliate the best start with your baby.
Providing you with excellent service is my gold standard.

You’ll receive a detailed client manual for your notes, and all the information you hear in my course. This is helpful to refer back to, to refresh your memory and share everything you have learned with your midwife and your doctor. 

Bring a home practice schedule that outlines when to listen to which audio hypnosis recording. You have enough on your plate to prepare for the arrival of your baby, no need to remember the details of the schedule, I outline everything for you. 

A precise list of “what to pack in my hospital bag” takes off some of the burden of planning for you and your partner. 

You are worried that your birth plan might change? No worries! You’ll receive a detailed birth planning pack to bring home. You’ll be prepared for every possible scenario. 

If you are doing the course in person with me, you’ll get a welcome bag with additional goodies for pregnancy and birth. 

Choose the course that works for you

to feel empowered and confident

Full hypnobirthing course

Extensive 8 hour course – everything you need to prepare for the birth of your baby. You can regularly sign up for your private hypnobirthing course

950 kr / 130 Euro per hour

Hypnobirthing workshop

3-hour refresher course if you gave birth previously with hypnobirthing or if you are far along in your pregnancy (around 35 weeks)

950 kr / 130 Euro per hour

Positive Cesarian Workshop

Plan your elective Caesarean Birth in this 3-hour workshop. Learn what to expect during the caesarean birth, how to prepare & how to support the recovery.

950 kr / 130 Euro per hour

Are you ready to take an active and empowered role in planning and experiencing the birth of your baby?

Hypnobirthing is a great fit for you if you can say yes to the following:

How is it organized and when can I start?

I only offer private 1:1 classes. You can start whenever it suits you. We recommend do to the course between week 25 and 35 of your pregnancy. 

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