Stop smoking and transform your family life!

Have you been trying to quit smoking before but you relapsed a few times?With one troubled situation, stress at work, stress with the kids, stress with your own parents, you fall back to this bad habit. 

Or maybe it’s a welcome excuse to be alone? Family life can be tough, and setting boundaries and communicating needs are a skill that many of us didn’t grow up learning. Now you have your cigarettes, the welcome break away from the family chaos, and you just puff it away. 

Did you read all the non-smoking books there are but they didn’t do the trick. Words are just words, until you really believe them. 

Or maybe you still smoke because you don’t think you are actually able to stop, that’s why you don’t even give it a try. You think it will be too hard, how will you cope with stress? How does one do it even? What are the physical and mental impacts on giving up on cigarettes? 

I got you! I transform you into a non-smoker in just 4 weeks. No matter how long you have smoked, if you gave it up before and relapsed, or if you never stopped smoking before.

Thrive in your role as a parent

How will your life look like without the cigarettes?

The evidence is clear - transforming into a non-smoker is beneficial for your body, your mind and your family life!
In a battle between logic and emotions, emotions always win

That is why words are just words until they become meaningful for you. That’s why we use Rapid Transformational Therapy in your smoking cessation session. You will go deep into your subconscious mind to understand which need the cigarettes are trying to meet. And I am not talking about those that you consciously know! I am talking about those that you forgot, your thoughts and beliefs that you are not aware of anymore, because they are located in a part of your mind that we humans usually don’t access in a regular situation. 

What does it look like for you? Yes, you! 

What do you gain when you stop smoking? 

All the generic evidence won’t help you to take this step and commit to letting go of cigarettes. 

These are a few of my clients’s gains: Peace of mind, better digestion, better skin, feeling proud of myself, being more present with my children, time!!

Not having to hide from the smell, finally being proud of being a good role model to your kids, and more money for those well-deserved holidays! Whatever it is for you, you deserve it all and you can have it all!! 


Did you know that your subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of your brains processing power beyond your conscious awareness? Which leaves the other 5% for your conscious, critical thinking on a daily basis.

As a hypnotherapist, I know so well how we can use the power of our mind to get what we want. This is why I love Rapid Transformational Therapy so so much. It’s so incredibly effective because we don’t womble around what you think is going on, and finally go deep to understand what is actually going on. 


Client feedback

What you will get in only 4 weeks

Everything you need t0 prepare yourself for the transition into your new life as a non-smoker!

The coaching part:
Preparing, preparing, preparing

Smoking is an addiction. Let’s name it and face it. You will have physical symptoms and sensations once you become a non-smoker. 

You’ll have access to 3 excellent Masterclasses before you have your Rapid Transformational Therapy Session. 

I will teach you everything you need to know to navigate the symptoms, sensations and cravings in a positive and effective way! You walk away with easy tools, the right mindset as a non-smoker, and the trust that you can do this! You can do anything! 

Turn off your phone and bring your notebook, this is going to be fire! 


The therapy part:
Heal, unlearn, learn, transform

With Rapid Transformational Therapy we go deep. This is a therapy modality like no other, with unprecedented results!

With the combination of hypnosis (to work with those 95% subconscious thoughts as described above), cognitive behavoural therapy (proven over and over again to be incredibly effective), and neurolinguistic programming, you are going to unleash the most incredible life!!

Thanks to neuroplasticity, the ability of your brain to literally transform, you will become the master of your mind and your thoughts! 


The aftermath:
Deep subconscious rewiring

After your Rapid Transformational Therapy session, you will make self-care a priority for at least 21 days by listening to your personalised audio hypnosis recording. 

When before you would go have a smoke to relax, you now relax deeply with your 20 min guided hypnosis recording. 

Unwind from the daily stress and strengthen your mental capacity of a non-smoker daily at least for 21 days, and even longer if you want. 

But that is not all

Get these super useful bonuses!

It is my mission to support you along the way, and supporting you in your personal transformation.
Providing you with excellent service is my gold standard.

I will be available for you 24/7 for 4 weeks after your RTT session. Text me, email me and let me know if you struggle, if you have doubts, if you need reassurance, reminding you. I prefer that you call me over you walking to the next shop to buy cigarettes. 

And you will have access to the 3 Masterclasses for as long as you need – lifelong!! 


I know you can do it!

Step into the upgraded version of yourself

What's included

  • One thorough intake call to lay out the individual strategy for your 4-week program
  • Access to 3 pre-recorded Masterclasses to set you up for success 
  • One phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy Session of 2 hours via zoom or in person
  • One personalized hypnosis audio recording 
  • 24/7 voxxer an email support for 4 weeks

Your investment

Your time to watch all the 3 Masterclasses before your RTT session

All this for only 666 USD

How many packages of cigarettes are that vs. a live without those buds!

Are you ready to take this leap to make 2024 your best year yet

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