Dating in Captivity – Having fun as a couple while raising kids

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is a monumental shift that brings joy, challenges, and a profound transformation to a couple’s life. As the pitter-patter of little feet fills your home, it’s easy to get swept away by the demands of parenting and lose sight of the connection that brought you together in the first place. In this blog post, we’ll explore the delicate dance of dating when you have small kids and the importance of maintaining intimacy as a couple during the transition into parenthood.

Following the birth of their second daughter, Bailee and her husband found that the challenges of maintaining a household, balancing professional commitments, and navigating the complexities of parenthood created a strain on their relationship. What was once a vibrant connection between two individuals deeply in love transformed into a dynamic more reminiscent of grumpy roommates than happily married partners. Conversations shifted from heart-to-heart discussions to mere coordination of logistics or occasional bickering, and their evenings, once filled with shared moments, became solitary pursuits in separate rooms after putting the kids to bed. Their intimate life dwindled to non-existence, and the looming consideration of divorce cast a shadow over what had initially been a promising union. The stressors of daily life had pushed them to a point where the very foundation of their relationship seemed at risk.

This sounds familiar to so many parents, doesn’t it?

The Challenge of Dating with Small Kids

Dating takes on a whole new meaning when you become a parent. Late-night dinners and spontaneous getaways may seem like distant memories as your schedule becomes dictated by nap times, feeding routines, and bedtime rituals. Finding time for just the two of you can be a logistical puzzle, but it’s crucial for the health of your relationship.

The arrival of a child can test even the strongest relationships. Balancing the demands of parenting while nurturing your connection as a couple requires intentional effort.

Embracing Intimacy

Maintaining intimacy is a crucial aspect of a thriving relationship. As parents, finding ways to keep the flame alive may require a bit more effort, but the rewards are well worth it.

Rediscover Intimacy with Dating in Captivity

Instead of surrendering to the challenges that threatened their family and shared life, Bailee and her husband remained steadfast in their commitment to finding a solution.

Through a journey of self-discovery and mutual understanding, they honed their communication skills, becoming adept at speaking each other’s love languages and achieving a more equitable distribution of household responsibilities. However, the turning point in salvaging their relationship came when they decided to reintroduce joy and fun into their lives. Embracing the importance of laughter and shared enjoyment, they made a deliberate choice to prioritize regular date nights and inject moments of silliness into their daily routine.

As they rediscovered the delight in each other’s company, they gradually rekindled the friendship that had once defined their connection. Giggles, playfulness, and the willingness to embark on new adventures together became the catalysts that brought to the surface the love that had been obscured over time. Now, more than two years later, their commitment to infusing joy into their relationship has yielded a bond stronger and happier than ever before.

The idea of The Fun Way stemmed from a personal journey that became the cornerstone of saving a marriage through the simple yet profound act of having more fun together. This philosophy asserts that making a conscious commitment to laughter, silliness, and exploring new experiences is the secret sauce that fortifies a lasting relationship.

The mantra “Fun together, forever together” encapsulates the essence of The Fun Way, where the focus is on infusing joy into the fabric of a relationship. Dating in Captivity, an integral component of this approach champions the belief that fun is not just desirable but essential for maintaining a healthy and loving connection.

The program recognizes that couples who revel in each other’s company can navigate life’s challenges more effectively. By keeping boredom at bay and injecting a dose of interest into shared moments, fun becomes the catalyst for a relationship that flourishes. The creators understand firsthand the ease with which the pursuit of fun can slip from priority, especially for parents with little kids. Recognizing this, The Fun Way steps in to reignite the spark and remind couples that amidst the challenges of parenting, fun is not a luxury but a vital component of a thriving relationship.

Bailee was a guest on my podcast raw and real with Stefanie Fernandes where we talked about her personal story and the importance of having fun as a gateway into more intimacy.

Bailee McClellan is the founder of Dating in Captivity, a resource with at-home date night and activity ideas for busy parents to help them connect and strengthen their relationships (even with little kids!). She is an American expat mother of 2 toddlers living in Denmark.

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