How I redefined success

I left my job as a registered nurse many years ago because I was tired. Tired of the shifts, tired of the lack of resources, tired of the lack of knowledge and leadership skills. I was an excellent nurse. I loved my job, loved my patients. It was truly rewarding and humbling to work alongside so many great nurses. 

However, I wanted to make an impact on a different level. Convinced that I had the potential, the drive, the willingness to learn and grow, I could achieve exactly that.

And I succeeded. 

Working for 10 years in the field of Public Health in several renowned national and international institutions, as well as in private businesses, the motivation to influence decision-making for better health outcomes of the people was always very present.

I learned so much, met wonderful people, and made good friends in these past 10 years. One thing that they say about me is, that I am an excellent team player. I thrive in supporting others, mentoring, and lifting up those around me. Because I believe: only together we can achieve great things. 

However, the urge and motivation to help others was something I struggled with working in Public Health. In a capitalistic and competitive world, there is limited space for compassion and empathy at work, this was often viewed as my weakness until I started believing it myself. But for how long can one deny their authentic self? Undoubtedly, I thrive with connections, this is how I work best. This was the one thing that, without exception, none of my managers realized.

My motivation decreased. My focus blurred. While it was easy to cope with it as a young professional, pushing it through, adapting, adjusting, overachieving at any costs, I realized now that didn‘t want to do this any longer. My focus shifted now that I have a family. I was close to a burn-out until I realized, the time spent at work should be fulfilling instead of draining.

And the beautiful thing is, that I realized this before it was too late. I have the freedom and the courage to follow my intuition, my purpose.

I re-connected with myself, with who I authentically am. With my passion for helping others to feel well, to be well, to be healthy, thriving, and balanced. To be fulfilled. I view this no longer as a weakness, but as my greatest strength. 

That is why I have opened my private practice as a Rapid Transformational Therapist. I can help others with the most phenomenal therapy modality to improve mental well-being at work and beyond. My working experience from the past 20 years enables me to meet my clients with professionalism, empathy, and a solution-oriented mindset. I am here to lift you up!

We can work together if are suffering from low self-esteem, from fear of speaking in public, insomnia and not being able to function at work, from fear of failure, from not wanting to ask for that raise or that promotion you‘d deserve, from setting clear boundaries with your managers of what you can deliver. I am sure you want to enjoy your job, feel free from the judgment and negativity of those around you, you are at the right place here!

Feeling miserable at work is not imperative to a successful career, despite what others tell you or what you have experienced so far.

You deserve to be happy at work and beyond.

Much love,