Human Design for Kids

Your children are not your children; they are life longing for itself.” 

Khalil Gibran

Imagine a world where children grow up appreciated and respected for who they are, feeling secure in themselves instead of learning they should be something other than what they are. Imagine every child’s true nature nurtured from birth.

Would you like to see how Human Design can help you focus on your children and teach them how uniquely special and gifted they are? How you can recognize your children’s inherent skills and uniqueness, and truly support them to grow up being themselves?

All of us want to belong on a deeper level, and we all feel that deep longing to know our place. Since we are here, we have a part to play in the grand pattern of life. Truly belonging requires we play our authentic role—or we risk feeling hollow, lost—as though we’re not living our purpose. That feeling of belonging requires self-knowledge and self-acceptance, nurtured when we’re taught how to live honoring our nature.

This knowledge is primarily here for our children. Its primary benefit is to those who haven’t yet been deeply conditioned.

Human Design empowers our children to make choices that are true to who they are.


If you raise your children according to their nature, they’re not going to have to get into the deconditioning business. They’re going to work through their life being able to see how to make decisions correctly as themselves.

Can you imagine what a gift it would have been if someone had told your parents how special and unique you were? —if your parents had been empowered to raise you with the knowledge you now have about your own Human Design? How would your life be different if you’d been encouraged to learn how to make choices that are right for you?

What if a Human Design Analyst had given your parents a genetic blueprint of your strengths, talents, and vulnerabilities? —if your parents knew what environment supports you, and what diet was correct for you?

What if your parents had been able to see that you were truly unique and hadn’t pressured you to be different from what you naturally are?

Many parenting books try to offer the perfect solution on how to raise and feed children. And while they offer some very valuable insights and tools, the truth is that there is a unique way to treat each child. To educate with love is to allow the child to be themselves, no matter how the outer world conditions and influences them.


We see an enormous difference in children who are respected and raised to follow their natural way of operating and deciding. This creates a parent/child relationship of greater mutual trust and a lightness of being. Parents are no longer seen as the authority but as engaging mentors providing a safe environment where children can evolve.

Giving children the freedom to be their own authority may seem scary at first. But this allows parents to guide their child to become themselves—no more, no less—exactly what the world needs. Human Design shows you what your child is here for, and what avenues of life are going to be their strengths and capabilities. Human Design helps you understand the functions in life your children are here to express. Rather than seeing something wrong with a child who appears “bossy,” a parent can embrace their child’s difference and celebrate it. Fulfilling your purpose requires that you are different from others because this is why we humans are here—to be vastly different from one another. Being able to see your child for what and who they are is the first step in transcending the limitations contemporary culture places on you and your parenting.

Generator Kids

What is Human Design?

Human Design was created by Ra Uru Hu and teaches us about our personality, emotions, and energy centers. Human design serves as a guide for you personally, how to make decisions, work within teams, how you interact in relationships with your partner, your children, and friendships.

To get to know your Human Design Chart you need to know the exact time, date, and place of birth. It’s basically an energetic blueprint. “Human Design is essentially a mix of Kabbalah, I’Ching, Myers-Briggs, astrology, biochemistry, genetics, and the chakra system all in one.”

Manifestor-Generator Kids

Download your own chart and the chart of your child. The dynamics that your energies create determine the roadmap for more connection.

I use Human Design in my parent coaching programs as it helps me and my clients to be better informed about the child’s true and authentic nature, and guide the parent to support their child according to their uniqueness.

Please reach out if you are interested to have a Human Design Reading for you, your child, and the dynamics between the two of you.

This episode of my Podcast Raw and Real with Stefanie Fernandes gives you an introduction to human design and how it can help you to raise your children.