How to prepare my child for school?

As an expat family living in Denmark, the education system here is very different from our countries of origin, Austria, and Portugal. I feel very blessed to be raising my children in a country, where their emotional wellbeing is a priority. And that trust and fun, feeling safe and cared for are considered important corner stones of academic success in the future. After all, nobody can learn when afraid and in fight or flight mode.

The Danish education system is functioning with an integrated approach from kindergarten to school.

Here are a few things they do here in Denmark to make the transition to school easier for children:

💮 During the last year of kindergarten, every child makes a treasure chest. Throughout the last year of kindergarten, the child fills up the chest with drawings, information about themselves and what they are good at their strengths, and passions. The chest will come with the child to school.

💮 First-graders come for Q&A to kindergarten, answering all the questions the children might have “Where do you eat lunch?” “How often can you play football?” “how does one decide where to sit?” etc.

💮 The child visits a school with kindergarten for a Christmas theater, art exhibitions, and play. Parents and siblings are invited to a summer fest 13 months before school starts, an activity weekend where teachers are present to play football, cycle, do gymnastics with the kids and prepare campfire bread.

Besides all these efforts to establish trust, the first grade in a Danish school is considered a transition year. Lots of play, introduction to values and rules in a playful matter.

Even though it is different in your country, there are powerful things you can do to support your child in the transition.

And if you feel that you could benefit from a session with me, to discuss how YOU are feeling and what YOU can do to support your child best in their individual strengths and needs, book a power hour with me below. I’d love to support you.