How can a parent coach help you?

Hi there! I’m glad you’re considering working with a parent coach.

A parent coach can help you in many ways! I can provide you with guidance and insight on how to handle different parenting situations. I can help you develop better communication and problem-solving skills and offer you support and resources to help you navigate the complexities of parenting. Providing you with tips on how to manage your own emotions and stress levels is a very important part of my work. Ultimately, a parent coach can be a great source of encouragement, understanding, and support while you navigate the journey of parenthood.

What can I expect working with a parent coach?

Working with a parent coach can be a very rewarding and insightful experience. I can provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you better understand your parenting style and how to better support your children. As a parent coach, I can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide individualized advice on how to best navigate your parenting journey. They can offer guidance on how to handle difficult conversations, provide resources for parenting issues, and help you create an effective plan for your family. Ultimately, a parent coach can help you become a better and more responsive parent.

It’s paramount to get in touch with a parent coach before you start working with them. Our values don’t have to match, but you need to be comfortable with my style of work and my philosophy. Here are a few questions that often come up with prospective clients and I hope they help you to get clarity.

What kind of experience do you have in this field?

I am working as a parent coach and therapist since October 2020 and I’ve been running my 12-week signature parent coaching with dozens of clients since then.

What approach do you take when working with parents?

My approach is based on parent-centric coaching, meaning that we are looking at your personal development as a parent, and not primarily at correcting your child’s behavior. All my work is rooted in research findings on child development, neuroscience, and family dynamics from experts such as Daniel Siegel or Tina Brayne Tyson, and Dr. Shefali. I will equip you with tools based on conscious & gentle parenting that will help you to foster connection & cooperation instead of threatening and intimidating.

What kind of results have you seen in your work?

I measure my success by the success my clients see and experience working with me. My clients find a sense of calm and self during my program, this is especially important when you have lost yourself, and your own identity since you became a parent. But also, when you feel that your parenting style is not you, you hear your father or your mother when you talk and you don’t identify with those messages.

I’ve been running my program several times now and I have a lot of 1:1 clients who see tremendous improvements in connecting with their kids leading to fewer power struggles, and more fun and play even if they never really enjoyed playing with their child before. The results are incredible, based on each of your individual goals.

How do you tailor your approach to each individual parent?

My 12-week program spans from emotional intelligence, nervous system regulation, belief systems about your child, anger & aggression, parenting & attachment styles to your own vision and goals as a parent.

I can guarantee you, that you will learn exactly what you need in the workbooks and the videos.

The group calls are an opportunity to come up with any questions you may have. The group setting is a beautiful opportunity to learn from and with others that will support you on your journey.

What strategies do you use to help parents achieve their goals?

Reflection and Intention are the biggest drivers for change. We’ll regularly go back to your initial intention, and where you are now on your journey. The goal is not to become the perfect parent, but rather to equip you with the tools you need to navigate any challenging situation with your child.

You will also have the opportunity to book a complimentary RTT session with me to resolve e.g. your anger outbursts, feelings of guilt or inadequacy, lack of confidence, or anxiety. This is the ultimate game-changer on how you show up for your child and yourself. I am an experienced RTT practitioner and bring all my heart to this work with you.

What kind of resources do you provide parents with?

All my teaching material is based on the work of the JAI Institute for Parenting which did an amazing job at summarizing and synthesizing research evidence on gentle & conscious parenting tools.

Weekly videos accompanied by workbooks help you to learn and understand the content. I am providing you with additional insights and information during the weekly coaching call.

Do you offer any additional services or workshops?

I regularly run Masterclasses, free and paid on specific parenting challenges such as how to find a healthy balance with screen time or my next free Masterclass on Anger & Aggression. My potty-training course is a 1:1 coaching course where I will talk you through the steps on how to become diaper free without the drama.

Power Hour on Conscious & Gentle Parenting is probably my most demanded service at the moment. You book one hour with me and I’ll guide you to the solutions of your issues. Very effective!

And I have a 4-week intensive parent coaching & RTT package.

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