Guest article on The Graceful Boon

Can you relate to this feeling of nobody understanding you? Nobody can relate to how you are feeling? That you feel so out of place in places that are the most familiar to you?

Stacie Kiselman founded The Graceful Boon and made it her mission to connect people, to give a platform for people to share their life stories, and read about other people’s inspiring stories. What she accomplishes with it is outstanding.

Stacie is a writer, author and influencer. She is also a cerebral palsy and epilepsy warrior, a car accident survivor, a PCOS fighter, and a mental health advocate. She worked as a professional freelance writer for 6 years after surviving a car accident. After years of yearning to get better, she started journaling and turned that journal into a book, 12 Years A Woman: My Journey To Happiness.

I had the honor to share a piece of my story with Stacie and her audience. I am sharing it here with you now.

It’s an insight into a seemingly perfect life.

Head over to The Graceful Boon to read my article and many more inspiring stories.