How to build your confidence

Lack of confidence manifests in many ways and you might recognise your behaviour in some of these symptoms.

Symptoms of low confidence

 People-pleasing, tiptoeing around, not asking for that raise or promotion because you think you don’t deserve it, or you are not good enough.

It can also manifest in being unable to set boundaries because you don’t like to upset people, and you avoid the conflict as a result of saying no.

Imposter syndrome is a big one when I work with other therapists or nurses. I am a nurse myself and witnessed how many fellow nurses suffered from feeling not adequate enough next to medical doctors. Or therapists when they have highly intelligent clients, common thoughts are „how should I be able to help that person, I am not as intelligent as he is“ for example,

Or when you are a parent and your children are triggering low self-confidence. Kids are so confident, they have no filter, they still have this unshakable belief that they are important, and the most important. That can trigger big unresolved feelings and pain that manifests in the lack of confidence.

The way forward

Increasing your confidence will have a ripple effect on all areas of your life, family life, relationships, work and career-wise, physical and mental health. The sky is the limit.

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