The benefits of hypnobirthing

We prepare for all big life events: we study hard for the final exams, we study for the driving license, we prepare months ahead of our wedding and think of every possible little detail.

But then, when it comes to the birth of our baby, we tend to think that it’s the job of the midwife or the OBGYN to know what to do.

Can you relate to that? Do you think that since this is your first baby, you don’t know how to do this birth thing anyways so why bother? Leaving your autonomy by the entrance of the hospital because you feel disempowered from the beginning?

Or you may have heard frightening and negative birth stories from family members or friends, or even random people telling you about their difficult birth.

Hypnobirthing is a way to center yourself in your confidence. It’s a holistic way of preparing for birth.

What is hypnobirthing?

Have you heard the term “Knowledge is power”? This also applies to birth. The more you know about what is going to happen in your body when your surges (contractions) are about to start, you can more easily understand the sensations that come with it. That in turn will decrease the fear you have about birth.

So my hypnobirthing course also includes the basic physiology of birth. This will empower you to make the right decisions for you u and your baby at each stage of birth.

A distinct part of hypnobirthing is to use your mind to make birth easier, more bearable, smoother, and often shorter, with fewer medical interventions. How can I achieve that you think?

With the support of hypnosis audio recordings, you’ll calm down your mind, release fears, connect with your body and your baby and let the natural pain relief system take place. When you feel more relaxed, you’ll feel less pain, thus you are less afraid, and in turn, your baby has enough space, the right hormones, and the necessary support to bear down, to move out of your body just as nature intends.

Another very important aspect of hypnobirthing is to be aware of your rights at birth. Nobody is allowed to do a membrane sweep without consent, to examine you vaginally with their fingers if you don’t agree to it. There is a lot more you’ll learn in my course about your rights, which will help you to have empowered conversations with health care professionals.

Developing a birth plan

Developing a birth plan is a beautiful thing: you’ll start preparing for birth by understanding what you want, and how you want birth to be. Writing this all down and planning this together with your birth partner, will make you feel empowered and confident. Hand over your birth plan to the midwife or the doctor at arrival to the birth center or hospital, and you don’t have to repeatedly explain your preferences and expectations.

“My birth experience was so sacred, even though it didn’t go completely as planned. But the hypnobirthing tools helped me to make this a positive experience for me, my baby and my partner”

Ronja Sakata

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