What is BWRT

What is Brainworking Recursive Therapy?

BWRT® – BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® – is a new model of psychology and psychopathology that fits comfortably with current thinking on neuroscience. Developed by Terence Watts in 2011 after 35,000 hours of experience working with clients, it is determinedly solution-focused and evidence-based, thus fulfills the requirements of modern therapies.

It’s fast, effective, and long-lasting – usually permanent – and doesn’t require the client to tap, pinch, breathe specially, operate an anchor, trigger, or any other form of post-therapy device. It just works.

Based on Neuroscience Research

The original inspiration for what was to become BWRT came via an article in the New Scientist magazine in November 2011, about the experiments of Benjamin Libet in the early 1980s. The experiments appeared to prove that we dont have free will in the way we usually think of it – though we do definitely have free won’t. That is, you can stop an action after it has started but you have no conscious control over the impulse arising in the first place.

The reports of Libet’s experiments created howls of outrage and there were many attempts to dispute the findings. None of them were entirely successful, though, and as more advanced imaging techniques became available, it became obvious that there was, indeed, a ‘cognitive gap’ where the brain was starting to create a response before conscious awareness.  


The truly exciting thing about BWRT is that it works directly in that ‘cognitive gap’ before conscious awareness. So where more standard therapies will be seeking to access the anxiety-triggering amygdala via conscious processes, BWRT works from the other end of the scale – in the very early brain before the amygdala has even received the message!  


We work with the Reptilian Complex, AKA Lizard Brain, which for 600 million years or so has been and still is the first responder in all sentient animals. It’s far speedier than even the fastest thought in response to any stimulus but especially to threats against survival, be they real or simply perceived.

NEW!!! Neural Manifestation Course with BWRT

Manifestation is indeed a powerful force, but it's not about relying on any mystical attraction.

This course provides practical techniques to harness the true essence of manifestation for tangible results.

In order to be successful in our lives, we need to remove all those self-sabotaging behaviours that are unconscious to us. 

The BWRT Scientific Manifestation program efficiently addresses and eliminates limiting processes, igniting clients with a sense of enthusiasm that paves the way for success. This program works swiftly and effectively, swiftly bypassing the ingrained reptilian programs that may hinder individuals from achieving their goals.