Reflections and thoughts

How to become the best version of yourself

Would you like a more authentic and loving relationship with your child? Listen to this episode of Moms on a Mission podcast with Julie Hatch. I will be sharing how we can become the best version of ourselves for you AND your kids to create a more authentic and loving relationship. The method of RTT is both innovative and effective. For more information about Julie’s work as a parenting coach, visit her website here. The Healing Parent Program I specialize ...
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Episode 1 of my new podcast is live

Why I started my own podcast   This week was a big milestone for me personally. I launched my first podcast and I am so excited to be sharing this news with you now. Raw and Real with Stefanie Fernandes is live now! A new episode every Monday!! In my work as an RTT therapist, I see a lot of hardship that women had to endure in their life, often resulting in low self-esteem, lack of trust and their intuition, ...
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How I redefined success

I left my job as a registered nurse many years ago because I was tired. Tired of the shifts, tired of the lack of resources, tired of the lack of knowledge and leadership skills. I was an excellent nurse. I loved my job, loved my patients. It was truly rewarding and humbling to work alongside so many great nurses.  However, I wanted to make an impact on a different level. Convinced that I had the potential, the drive, the willingness ...
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